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English Audio Request

353 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Moderate speed, please. Thanks!

1. The supports gave in under the strain.
2. He doesn't give a hoot about what his parents say.
3. He gave away a lot of money to the poor.
4. His accent gave him away.
5. At last the older man had to give in.
6. After two weeks his strength gave out.
7. If they go back on their promise, I'll never trust them again.
8. These children are not much given to sports.
9. The doctor told him to give up smoking.
10. She got tired of him and gave him up.
11. The dam gave way under such terrific pressure.
12. The destroyer went after the submarine and sunk it.
13. I don't go along with what you said about the play.
14. His family goes back to Norman times.
15. I'm afraid the're very snobbish. They look down on their poorer relations.
16. I wouldn't say he is rich, going by his clothes.
17. Trains go by here every hour.
18. Noisy behaviour doesn't go down well here.
19. Be careful, that dog may go for you.
20. I really go for oysters.
21. What I said goes for you too.
22. The eldest boy has gone in for judo.
23. He really lets himself go when singing the blues.
24. The explosives went off.
25. We went over the route on the map.
26. She went through a great deal before the operation.
27. The gas tanks went up in flames.
28. The tie doesn't go with the shirt.
29. We'll have to go without that.
30. The place grew on me during the summer.
31. One soon gets used to this noise.
32. Pamphlets were given out among the crowd.
33. He hit on the idea of hiring a boat.
34. We had enough food to hold out a month.
35. They let the tyres down.
36. Sometimes I look back on those happy times.
37. She is looking after the children.
38. Your mother is looking for you.
39. The police are looking into the matter.
40. He'll be fined if he doesn't look out.




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