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English Audio Request

336 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Moderate speed, please. Thanks!

1. The Republicans carried off the elections.
2. The industries carried on functioning despite the bombing.
3. What a strange way to carry on!
4. You have to carry out your orders.
5. It'll take several weeks to carry out the plans.
6. He cast away his old clothes on becoming rich.
7. He cast off all his old friends.
8. The song caught on very quickly.
9. He was leading the race but I soon caught up with him.
10. This bar only caters for sportsmen.
11. The epidemic came about through bad sanitary conditions.
12. The explorers came across an old mine.
13. He came at me with a sword.
14. How did you come by that old watch?
15. Elizabeth has come down with a cold.
16. Many came forward to help in the rescue.
17. The initials V.I.P. stand for Very Important Person.
18. The soles came off the shoes.
19. The potatoes are coming on well this spring.
20. How is your German getting on?
21. The workmen have come out on strike.
22. This invoice comes to £1000.
23. It suddenly came to him that he had no money.
24. They came up against many problems.
25. Can we count on you?
26. These fingers have to be cut off.
27. The city is cut off from the sea by the mountains.
28. He is cut out to be a lawyer.
29. Will this knife do to cut the bread?
30. Europeans did away with slavery many years ago.
31. He did his shoe laces up.
32. That has nothing to do with me.
33. We can't do without heating in winter.
34. Let's do up the kitchen.
35. He dropped off during the film.
36. Could you drop me off at the station?
37. The old building fell apart in the earthquake.
38. The team had to fall back on its reserves.
39. They soon fell for each other.
40. He fell for the trick and lost five dollars.




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