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English Audio Request

375 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Moderate speed, please. Thank you!

1. Poor Mrs Jones broke down in tears.
2. The engine broke down due to lack of maintenance.
3. He broke away from the guards and disappeared in the wood.
4. He recovered the same amount he had lost and broke even.
5. He took a month to break in the colt.
6. Thieves broke into the shop and stole the jewels.
7. A rash broke out on her skin.
8. We broke up in September.
9. The meeting didn't break up till eight.
10. The business was divided up into several branches.
11. Don't breathe a word to anyone about our agreement.
12. I brought down a wild boar with a single shot.
13. Autumn brought forth a good harvest.
14. His wife brought forth twins.
15. We had to bring forward our plans.
16. Steam engines brought in a new way of travel.
17. Poverty brought him to committing the crime.
18. The manager couldn't bring himself to fire/ sack them.
19. The long drought brought on a famine.
20. The Times brought out an article on the new President.
21. He brought unhappiness upon himself through drinking too heavily.
22. We brought her to with smelling salts.
23. We brought him round by showing him the good results.
24. We bring our children up to be honest citizens.
25. We're getting browned off with this rainy weather.
26. The strike was called off.
27. I'll call on you when I come to London.
28. The winning lottery numbers will be called out today.
29. I saw John passing by in the street and told him to come up.
30. The scene brought back memories of the war.
31. I was called up at the age of 19.
32. I don't care for their plans for reconditioning the Town Hall.
33. Would you care to close the window?
34. The referee was bought off.
35. Would you like to bring up any other matters before the meeting closes?.
36. They burnt away the grass at the side of the road.
37. The police suddenly burst into the bar.
38. He was burdened with a very large family.
39. I bumped into Charlie in town today.
40. The company built up a good reputation.




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