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English Audio Request

372 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Moderate speed, please. Thank you in advance.

1. I'm for striking.
2. It's up to the government to do something.
3. You have to allow for these extra miles.
4. The storm was finally over.
5. 'Is he in bed?' 'No, he is up/
6. When you die you'll have to answer for your acts.
7. It's past midnight and I'm tired. I think I'll turn in.
8. I wonder what that boy is up to?
9. I asked for a gin and tonic.
10. You must account for your actions.
11. One of her boyfriends usually asks her out every evening.
12. She didn't ask me in; she kept me at the door.
13. There is a very real fear that war may break out soon.
14. 'Is your daughter in?' 'No, she is out.'
15. I am in favour of strict measures.
16. Our headmaster always backs up his teachers.
17. In the year 1918 at last the war was over.
18. He is out but he'll be back by four.
19. I'm afraid you're in for a shock.
20. The children backed away afraid.
21. Many of the problems have arisen from the shortage of water.
22. There's no point in arguing about who has to pay.
23. Jazz doesn't appeal to my friend.
24. The organization is appealing to the government for funds.
25. I'll attend to the dinner if you do the washing-up.
26. He backed down when he saw the high costs.
27. There is nobody backing up our petition.
28. He hadn't bargained on his mother-in-law arriving.
29. He is being cared for by the nuns.
30. The authorities are cracking down on smoking in the offices.
31. Heavy drinking is frowned on in this community.
32. If what you want is money, you are barking up the wrong tree.
33. I waited nearly an hour for them, but they didn't turn up.
34. The giant carried all the children away.
35. They saw the patrol boat bearing down on them.
36. It bears on African life.
37. Bear me out.
38. What became of the three recruits?
39. The schools break up next week. It's almost holiday-time.
40. I live at 32, Rutherford Street. Drop in if you're in the district.




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