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English Audio Request

336 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Moderate speed, please. Thank you in advance!

1. We started to sing/singing.
2. Try taking a couple of aspirins.
3. Many writers like writing/to write in the morning.
4. I'd like to see you soon.
5. I like to do the washing-up in the morning.
6. Try to overcome your fears.
7. I object to smoking in public.
8. He says he'd love to accept the invitation.
9. I hate doing the washing-up.
10. He is very good at playing football.
11. He was very sorry at having lost his dog.
12. l am afraid of losing her.
13. I apologize for being rude to you.
14. Remember to tell him to post the letter.
15. He is interested in working for us.
16. He left the shop without paying.
17. You'll learn a lot about fishing with your grandfather.
18. I'd love to go out with you.
19. I like making the beds first thing in the morning.
20. He is very good at playing the piano.
21. Remember to give me a ring.
22. I remember falling into a river many years ago.
23. I haven't forgotten meeting her.
24. You open the door by turning the key in the lock.
25. Cervantes liked to write/writing at night.
26. I wouldn't like you to think I've forgotten you.
27. We'll settle everything by speaking to him.
28. He left without saying a word.
29. He was punished for speaking in class.
30. He is afraid of speaking aloud.
31. I am sorry for interrupting you.
32. We are all for going on holiday together.
33. I am not very happy about the whole affair.
34. I am sorry to inform you that your son has died.
35. Remember to post these letters, will you?
36. I object to people entering my office Iike that.
37. Why don't you pay instead of making such a fuss?
38. Go on walking without turning your head.
39. I apologize for not having come in time.
40. She is very fond of playing good music.


  • Gerund after prepositions -verbs followed by gerund or infinitive (p.65) ( recorded by smerryman ), American

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