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English Audio Request

362 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

There are two ways to read some sentences. Please, read both. Moderate speed, please. Thank you!

1. I am/ have to see him tomorrow.
2. The soldier is/has to report at five.
3. We are/have to give it to him tonight.
4. The boys are/ have to meet at eight.
5. I suppose you will change your mind in the end.
6. I am sure Lucy will get the job.
7. I am seeing him first thing in the morning.
a Shall we go for a swim, boys?
9. I'll soon be looking for a new job.
10. I'll be waiting for your call at five.
11. I'll be doing the shopping when you come.
12. I'll be speaking to him in the morning.
13. We'll be working in the same department.
14. Shall I get your umbrella, Mum?
15. I think Liverpool will win the league.
16. I promise you. I'll see to this tomorrow.
17. Look at the calendar. You'll see that we are working tomorrow.
18. The reception will take place at the Hilton Hotel.
19. I think we'll be paying this bill on the 12th.
20. This invoice is not correct. I won't pay it!
21. Will you hold this for me, please?
22. Shall I open the door for you, Mum?
23. You'll regret what you did.
24. Perhaps she will/She may change her mind.
25. Perhaps we'll/ We may go on Monday.
26. Perhaps this key will/This key may open the door.
27. I won't do the cooking tomorrow, I assure you.
28. I won't be doing the cooking tomorrow./ It's not my turn to do the cooking tomorrow.
29. Perhaps you'll/You may be able to tell me tomorrow.
30. I hope you father will come in time.
31. I doubt that they will win the match.
32. Shall we go to the new Shopping Centre?
33. I think we'll be playing in the morning.
34. I am meeting him later.
35. Perhaps you will/You may see him in the pub.
36. We'll be seeing the film tomorrow.
37. I'm afraid I won't be able to come.
38. Perhaps we'll/ We may be able to go together.
39. I doubt whether he'll come.
40. I don't doubt that you will do it.




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