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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

Moderate speed, please. Thank you!

1. Hemingway, who died in the 50s, came to Spain very often.
2. My father, who is a general, believes in discipline.
3. His latest work, which was published yesterday, will be successful.
4. My neighbour, who is 80, runs a marathon every year.
5. My uncle, who will be 70 tomorrow, never stops working.
6. He has a brother, who works in a London bank.
7. The ship, whose crew was evacuated, is keeling over dangerously.
8. The cliffs of Dover, which are so white, are very famous.
9. Fleet St, which is near the Thames, is home to many newspapers.
10. Spring flowers, which are a delight, cover the countryside.
11. His book, which is a best-seller, is about his adventures in Africa.
12. Last night's meeting, which was about xenophobia, didn't last long.
13. Cars, which were invented last century/ are nowadays indispensable.
14. The car, which was stolen last night, has been found by the river.
15. His father, who is 60, has offered him a partnership.
16. That horse, which was trained in France, has won the race.
17. J. Conrad, who wrote his books in English, was Polish.
18. Water, which is so necessary for life, doesn't exist on the moon.
19. The person, whom you talked to on the phone, is my uncle.
20. This cupboard, in which we keep the glasses, is an antique.
21. Mr Ross, with whom my father had argued, came to see me.
22. Old Frank, who was so good to me, had just died.
23. The Maternity Hospital, which I was in, was enormous.
24. That chassis, which gives it strength, is made of steel.
25. That book of the apes, which you like so much, is sold here.
26. Mr Smith, who was born in 1899, died yesterday.
27. The socialists, who won the last elections, are going to lose now.
28. The talks, which began so badly, will be successful.
29. This scientist, who is so old, has invented many things.
30. Bernard Shaw, who died in 1950, was a great writer.
31. Mr Briggs, who is an atheist, is very interested in your ideas.
32. Your book, which is so difficult to find, has become famous.
33. The speaker, who is an honest man, gave us the news.
34. My grandfather, who is 90, has an excellent memory.
35. These tests, which look so silly, are very important.
36. This man, whose future is so uncertain, makes me feel sorry for him.
37. My tutor, whom you talked to yesterday, wants to see you.
38. That ship, whose name is so strange, is going to be launched today.
39. Mr Brown, whose wife died last year, has just passed away.
40. This word, which doesn't come in the dictionary, is the one I need.




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