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English Audio Request

417 Words / 1 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

Moderate speed, please. Thank you!

1. The blouse that/which you are wearing is identical to mine.
2. I love talking to anyone who/that has personality.
3. The man who/that came to see us was my grandfather.
4. The house that/which stands on the corner is a hundred years old.
5. The yacht which/that is anchored in the bay is my uncle's.
6. Any person who does that should be in prison.
7. I have a system which/that has helped me win a lot of money.
8. Immigration is an issue which/that raises strong emotions.
9. There is a person who/that can do that job quickly.
10. I dislike people who/that talk incessantly.
11. Unemployment is a problem that/which concerns us all.
12. We need someone who/that speaks French fluently.
13. That is the man who/whom/that I spoke to.
14. That is the girl who/whom/that I'm going to marry.
15. That is the funniest joke that/which I have ever been told.
16. The doctors will do all (that) they can.
17. The first answer (that) you gave was the good one.
18. This is the souvenir that/which you brought from Paris.
19. The girl who/whom/that you spoke to is my girlfriend.
20. The gales that/ which swept across the country have died down.
21. These are the men and the carts that we saw on the way.
22. It was a wreck that had lain on the seabed for 100 years.
23. That is the computer that/which you wanted to buy.
24. A person who steals things is a thief.
25. An atheist is a person who doesn't believe in God.
26. Old age is a problem that/which concerns us all.
27. It's a book that will be very popular.
28. The library didn't have the book that/which I wanted.
29. Is the offer that/which you made last night still open?
30. These are the laws that should be repealed.
31. The shoes that/which you bought are too big for you.
32. The letters that/which he wrote to her were returned unopened.
33. These are the questions that/which all the students make.
34. This is the man whose son is so clever.
35. That is the house whose roof you have to repair.
36. The excuse that/which they gave us was unacceptable.
37. Teachers like students who/that work hard.
38. My father is a man who/that has a very strong character.
39. That is the boy who/whom I went all over Europe with.
40. That is the girl who/whom I'm going out with.



Jan. 23, 2013

Una nota: No recomendaría el uso de la palabra "whom". Casi no se usa en el inglés de hoy. Y cuando sí, se usa, la mayoría de la gente no lo uso como se usaba 'correctamente' en el pasado, digo, como un objeto. O sea, la gente lo dice porque cree que es mas correcto que 'who,' cuando en realidad, sirven para dos cosas distintas. Y las oraciones aquí que contienen 'whom' suenan muy raras (con 'who' suenan perfectamente normales). Por ejemplo, si quieres usar 'whom' en la oración número 40, es mejor dicha así: "That is the boy with whom I'm going out." Pero aún así ¡suena muy arcaico! Así que, ten cuidado con esa palabra. Es como andar por España diciendo "y vuestra merced, ¿cómo estáis? :)