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English Audio Request

474 Words / 2 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

Moderate speed, please. Thank you!

1. 'What shall I do?' To start with, you can make the beds/
2. Honestly, darling. This is the worst coffee I have ever had.
3. He is not a good student; all the same, he is a good boy.
4. 'Did you have a good time at the party?' 'Well, actually, I didn't go.'
5. I had an incident on the way; therefore, I couldn't arrive on time.
6. Several of his friends came: Frank and Tony, for instance.
7. They discussed the future of the firm, the treasury, and so forth.
8. 'I saw Tom yesterday' 'Did you? Talking about Tom, do you know he's leaving?'
9. He claims he is a socialist, and yet he lives in a palace.
10. The car is not very new; on the other hand it is cheap.
11. He had an accident, he went to ruin, and on top of that, his wife left him.
12. All the boys are coming; as for Tom, I don't want to see him.
13. We'll have to do without you, in other words, you're fired.
14. There was a little whisky, but it was mostly soda.
15. 'Nice holiday?' 'Well, on the whole, not bad at all.'
16. As a rule, I have a beer before going back home.
17. I say! What a pretty sister you've got.
18. 'Is it a good film?' 'Yes, as a matter of fact, it is quite good.'
19. Frankly Johnny, your marks could have been better.
20. 'Did you go?' 'No, we didn't go, actually.'
21. You are not bad ... I mean, you look beautiful.
22. He knew it was false; moreover, he knew who had done it.
23. To start with, this shouldn't be here.
24. He's not very clever, but all the same, he is a nice chap.
25. He's a drunkard, and has a bad character; however, I love him.
26. As far as marketing is concerned, I'll leave it to you.
27. As for your brother, the less I see of him, the better.
28. With reference to your fax, I'd like to point out that...
29. That goes for production. Now, regarding marketing...
30. Firstly, it's very difficult. Secondly, I don't like it.
31. Similarly, we can sell this in your country.
32. He's not silly; on the other hand, he's a very willing boy.
33. They didn't do it. Therefore, I'll have to do it.
34. In view of past results, it isn't advisable.
35. To start with, sweep the kitchen.
36. He is a stutterer, and yet he is the best writer in the country.
37. Talking about my sister, do you know she is getting married?
38. By the way, why don't you come with us?
39. Broadly speaking, I think we sold 10,000 books.
40. That is true to some extent



June 18, 2016



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