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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

Moderate speed, please. Thank you!

2000 bilingual phrases – 18
1. How else can it be done?
2. Much else remains to be done.
3. That woman achieved her ends.
4. And that was the end of it.
5. It rained for days on end for nearly two months.
6. Does the end really justify the means?
7. I did what he wanted in the end.
8. It did me no end of good.
9. The poor man was at his wit's end.
10. At last we have gained our ends.
11. I'm afraid you've got the wrong end of the stick.
12. These racist attacks must be brought to an end.
13. We are making both ends meet.
14. You're doing all that to no end.
15. You'll never hear the end of it.
16. He ended up eating it.
17. The car ended up in my garden.
18. They engaged the enemy.
19. The line is engaged/busy.
20. They've been engaged for five years.
21. Oddly enough I was not afraid.
22. We have had enough of him.
23. We have enough and to spare.
24. It never entered my head.
25. I'm going to enter the car for the race.
26. I should have never entered politics.
27. I have enrolled for the summer school.
28. I can't enter into details now.
29. This never entered my plans.
30. There is a 'No entry' sign.
31. The competition attracted many entries.
32. I'll get even with you.
33. I stand an even chance.
34. I'll love you for ever and ever.
35. Thank you ever so much.
36. It's the coldest day ever.
37. What ever did he say?
38. Every man for himself.
39. We meet every once in a while.
40. He is every inch a patriot.