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English Audio Request

141 Words / 1 Recordings / 2 Comments
Note to recorder:

Not too fast since it's for young pupils. Preferably British accent.
Thank you.

Elizabeth II was the longest reigning British monarch.
She was born in 1926.
She married Prince Philip in 1947 and they had four children.
She acceded to the throne in 1952, when she was only 26 and she died in 2022. So she was the head of the UK for 70 years.
She broke the record of her great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria, who ruled the UK for 63 years and 7 months.
Elizabeth had a long life, since she died at 96. But her mother had an even longer life, since she was 101 when she died.

Henry VIII was born in 1491 and he died in 1547. He ruled England for 38 years, from 1509 until his death.

Elizabeth I was born in 1533 and she died in 1603. She ruled England for 45 years, from 1558 until her death.



April 6, 2023

Thank you very much. It is very clear and it will be a good opportunity for my pupils to get used to the American pronunciation of Ts.

April 7, 2023

You're welcome. I hope this is useful. I just realized that you were looking for a British accent. I think it's also good to expose your students to different accents (Aussies, Canadians, Americans). Yes, Americans pronounce the 'T" sound differently, especially in the middle of words. For example, in the words "butter," "better," and "British," we pronounce the T with a slight D sound. In British RP (Received Pronunciation "RP" /BBC English), the T is enunciated clearly. However, just like in the U.S., there are many different accents across the UK and several regional accents in England itself. I noticed that some Londoners speak with a 'glottal stop' in place of the T when it occurs in the middle and end of the word, meaning there is no discernible T sound. And many speak with a combination of RP and local dialect in everyday life. Therefore, if I were learning to speak British English properly, I would listen to BBC journalists.


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