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Portuguese Audio Request

33 Words / 2 Recordings / 2 Comments
Note to recorder:

I live in Lisbon I would prefer a European accent instead of a Brazilian.
This is a list of vocabulary words I would like to learn. It is only necessary to read the Portuguese part.
Se possível, preferiria um sotaque europeu, em vez de um sotaque brasileiro. Só necessario de ler as palavras de português.

Cair To Fall
caio I fall
cais You fall
cai He falls
caímos We fall
caem They fall

caí I fell
caíste you fell
caiu he fell
caímos we fell
caíran they fell



Oct. 18, 2010

My accent is from Brazil, but I decided to upload something anyway, since it was 20+ days the request was up and no one recorded it yet. But I did a little modification in the text. What I've read is what follows:

Cair - presente

Eu caio
Tu cais
Ele cai

Nós caímos
Vós caís
Eles caem


Cair - passado

Eu caí
Tu caiste
Ele caiu

Nós caímos
Vós caístes
Eles caíram

If anyone with Portugal accent can record this request, do so please, since my accent isn't what rcrichards is looking for. :)

March 19, 2013

Imitando o sotaque português.


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