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English Audio Request

81 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Please, mark a 2-second pause after each verb.

Listen and repeat.

I invited
I walked
I enjoyed

Listen and write.

1- I walked
2- I invited
3- I watched
4- I liked
5- I hated
6- I enjoyed
7- I loved
8- I cooked
9- I listened
10- I played

Listen and memorize.

On Friday, I walked to school with my friend.
He invited me for the weekend.
We watched a great musical : it was High School Musical!
He liked it a lot but I hated the story!




You can use our built-in RhinoRecorder to record from within your browser, or you may also use the form to upload an audio file for this Audio Request.

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