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English Audio Request

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(telephone rings)
Ann: Hi Kate, this is Ann. I’ve got great news,
I’ve been selected to be adventure camp coach
and I’m sooo excited!!!
Kate: I’m so excited too!! Wow! That’s such great
news! It will be sooo good to work with you! Do
you want to know anything about the job?
A: Well in fact that’s why I’m calling you. I’d like
you to tell me about the working hours, the different
things I’ll have to do. How involved I’ll be
with the kids…
K: Well, you’ll have to wake up before the kids of
course, around 6:30 to get everything ready for
them. You won’t have to prepare their breakfast
of course, a cook will take care of that, but you’ll
have to make sure all the equipment is ready for
their morning activities. They must do sport and
artistic activities every day, so you’ll have to get
them organized, but you won’t have to entertain
the kids in the evening, I’ll organise the sing
songs. So you will be free in the evening.
A: Great, thanks Kate!
K: You’re welcome.




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