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English Audio Request

72 Words / 1 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

Expressive reading, short speed please, thank you!
The book is very short and heavily adapted for my pupils.
Chapter 1 : 4 pages, Page 7 to page 10. (Text bellow)

The night is calm in Gotham City.
In Batman's hometown, a blue and red object flies in the sky.
It's...Superman !
"It is a great night", the hero says.
"I love flying through Gotham City. I go home to Metropolis."
An explosion !
"Ugh, my ears!"
"What was that ?" he asks.
"I want to know!"
Superman lands on the street.
Someone is destroying the city.
It's...Batman !



May 26, 2017

Hey :) Thank you so much for the recording ! - Max


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