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English Audio Request

269 Words / 3 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

Unrelated sentences. Please read in a natural way and pause for at least 1 second between sentences.

Sorry, but none of these hold a candle to xkcd...

buckle up! it should be a great trip

This week we are going to wrap up a slew of important ideas

There was an ominous silence when I asked whether my contract was going to be renewed.

a famous rock garden, located in the outskirts of Kyoto

I think he knows me well enough to know that I am not a secret hoarder of “The Notebook”-like fantasies.

The proof is in the pudding

My grades were lackluster and spelled little hope for the tougher courses to come.

I had moved out after the first semester to flee rambunctious roommates and learning-devoid social conditions.

A counter tool is provided to support convenient and rapid tallies.

Then Sellers sprained an ankle and could not work in the cramped cockpit set.

If you're just learning a language on a whim then forget it.

When it comes to the nuts and bolts of legislation designed to protect workers, however, the Council and the Commission bottle out.

The child characters in his books tackle their ordinary and fantastic challenges with wit, bravery and invention.

His delegation strongly condemned the Gaza blockade and called for it to be lifted forthwith.

Playing fetch with his new puppy.

So that little boyfriend stealer thinks she can pull a fast one on me?

I'll give you a moment to peruse the wine list.

His figures are out to lunch.

Certainly they were removed with pliers.

Despite all this recognition, the beaver was close to extinction by the mid-19th century.

Within three days Canadians had captured the entire ridge.



Dec. 29, 2017

I apparently recorded this before and then recorded it again . . . Oops! haha ;)


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