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English Audio Request

91 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Could you read these sentences quite clearly and slowly please. Thank you very much!

1. Read the text.
2. Name 3 ingredients.
3. Number the instructions.
4. Tick the second instruction.
5. Highlight number 200.
6. Circle the word "salt"
7. Underline a verb.
8. Write your name.
9. Cross out the title.
10. Draw 4 eggs.
11. Make a list of ingredients.
12. Translate the title into French.
13. Rephrase the fourth sentence.
14. Pick out 3 different numbers.
15. Memorize the ingredients.
16. Associate the title and your name.
17. Colour the eggs.
18. Find an adjective.
19. Guess the meaning of "use".