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English Audio Request

202 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Could you only say Tood's part? not too fast, please? It doesn't matter if you're not a man. Thanks

Todd: Do you use social media often?
Aimee: Yes, I like to use social media, like most people.
Todd: How often do you use the Internet?
Aimee: Well, I check the Internet every day. I'm on my phone all the time. I love to read news and check my Facebook account.
Todd: Ah, Facebook. Do you use Facebook a lot?
Aimee: I'm on Facebook all the time. I check it every day. I think I check it too much. I like to look at my friends posts. I only post once a day. Some of my friends post once an hour.
Todd: Wow, that is too much.
Aimee: Mm!
Todd: Do you use Twitter?
Aimee: I do not use Twitter that much. I check it once in awhile. Maybe twice a week. I follow my friends and some famous people. I rarely tweet.
Todd: Yeah, me too. What about Instagram?
Aimee: I'm rarely on Instagram. I only check it once in a month. I post a picture about once a month.
Todd: Oh, how about Youtube? I love Youtube.
Aimee: Oh, me too. I watch it every day, but I do not post videos. I only watch videos.
Todd: Yeah, me too.




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