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English Audio Request

185 Words / 2 Recordings / 2 Comments
Note to recorder:

"Michele" is pronounced /miKEle/ or something like "mee-kay-lay".

My name is Michele. I am an Italian tutor at LingQ, a translator, and a European polyglot. My long-term goal is to learn all the European languages. I know it is a difficult and time-consuming task, because there are around thirty-five languages officially spoken in the fifty countries of the European continent, but I will do my best to achieve this goal.
At LingQ, I read texts in the languages I already know well or very well (i.e. French, English, Spanish and German), in order to further improve my skills. I prefer reading literature; I am currently reading "Anne of Green Gables" in English, "Les Misérables" in French and some short stories in German.
I often strive to find something interesting in the Portuguese library, in order to reach a good degree of fluency in this language, but I almost always fail.
I am also trying to learn Swedish from scratch.
In addition to that, I enjoy tutoring conversations in Italian and, occasionally, in other languages, as well as correcting written texts, which is what I love most. Unfortunately, only few people like writing...



Aug. 31, 2011

As you may have noticed, I like to leave the mistakes in my recordings so you can hear my attempt to correct myself as a natural speaker would. I'll never mispronounce something on purpose though.

And you said you wish to learn Swedish:

The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) created many different guides of pronunciation to languages.

I found it confusing in the beginning on how the text goes with the .mp3s they have but I found out how it works. You download the Student Text, then you click on the very first recording and follow along with the numbers as you read from the PDF.

I am currently doing the French version and I LOVE learning this way.

All the courses are free to download and use.

Aug. 31, 2011

Thank you for the recordings and the comments.
I need these recordings for a website ( where other learners will use them, so I would prefer them to be as correct as possible.