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English Audio Request

364 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Please read this story like a storyteller. Thanks.

Once upon a time, there lived an old man who had a big lump on his cheek. Every time he chopped wood, his wen – which is what they call lumps like that – would jiggle up and down.
Chop, chop, Jiggle, jiggle. Chop, chop, Jiggle, jiggle.
It must have been quite a nuisance, but the old man was a happy-go-lucky fellow and didn’t seem to mind at all.
Now, it so happened that in the same village there lived another old man with a lump on his cheek. But this old man wasn’t so happy-go-lucky. In fact, he was always grumpy and irritable, and his wen seemed to bother him very much indeed.
Well, one day, as usual, the happy-go-lucky old man went into the mountain forest to chop wood. While he was chopping and jiggling and chopping, it began to sprinkle and then, suddenly, to rain very hard.
The old man found a big tree with a hollow trunk and dived inside it to take shelter. And before long he fell fast asleep.
Eventually the rain stopped, but even when evening fell and moon came out, the old man continued to snore.
Zzzzz...Phew! Zzzzz…Phew!
When he finally awoke it was after midnight and pitch dark. From somewhere nearby came the lively sound of music.
“Hmph? What’s that?”
Little did he know that the music was being made by demons who lived in the forest. You can imagine how stunned he was when he found them dancing in a circle and singing. He watched cautiously from behind a tree.
Twee, dada, boom-boom!
Twee, dada, boom-boom!
Red demons, blue demons, big demons, little demons, all of them laughing and dancing and singing and drinking. The atmosphere was so merry that before he knew it, the old man forgot his fear and began swaying his hips in time to the demon’s music. They seemed to be having such a wonderful time! Soon the old man, who had always loved to dance, was dancing along with them.
“Hey, La! Ooh, la! Hot-cha-cha!”
Oh my! The old man got so carried away that he forgot they were demons and danced right into the middle of the circle.




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