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Steritan Audio Request

71 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments

In Steritan, the main stress always falls on the first syllable, but when in a word there is a vowel with accent mark (á, é, í...) the main stress falls on this vowel.

Here are 7 examples when the syllable with main stress is important.

enikisre (window)-enikísre (strange)
hîn'te (universe)-hîn'té (fall off)
der̥ğeniʔ (illness)-der̥ğeníʔ (to hit)
ụnecoʢæna (time)-ụnecóʢæna (to open)
ɑni (horse)-ɑní (sky)
lîçpa (character)-lîçpá (short, small)
viãka (age)-viãká (neither one)




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