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Latin Audio Request

21 Words / 2 Recordings / 1 Comments

Omnes homines dignitate et iure liberi et pares nascuntur, rationis et conscientiae participes sunt, quibus inter se concordiae studio est agendum.


  • udhr ( recorded by jurcik ), Moravian accent

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  • udhr ( recorded by moonstrider ), Classical pronounciation

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    Corrected Text

    Omnēs hominēs dignitāte et iūre līberī et parēs nascuntur, ratiōnis et conscientiae participēs sunt, quibus inter sē concordiae studiō est agendum.


Jan. 26, 2012

I'm sorry, but there's been a mistake. I am only a new student to Latin and so I cannot translate for you. I am "fluent" in English only!

It'all a account, user name, etc.