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Steritan Audio Request

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Steritan-Sterêtaʔ/Sterê ʔiva'ad

1. Phrases-Frási v'aroti

Welcome-Vinser̥tin (pl), Somos hleʔdos (sg)

Hello-Somos hleʔdos, Hällo? (on phone)

How are you?-Jia somê?
I'm fine, thanks. And you?-Somos, งas. (K'aa) mê xi?

What's your name?-Kescan fe xi'siงdarja?
My name is...-Xi'siงdarjahau' fem...

Where are you from?-Ghefisna saʢna'งiba?
I am from...-Saʢna'งimja me...

Pleased to meet you-Me tsijun er-minoʢa

Good morning-Somos ʢanî'a

Good afternoon/evening-Somos çerʔa

Good night-Somos bri'çaงos

Goodbye-Hau xuedi eşi şunghurin

Bon voyage-Soma raงra

Excuse me-Par̥doni-hau

How much is this?-St'ha'aʔzu felʢos-hau?

Sorry-Par̥done, Soʔri (Soʔri is a loanword from English, but only in the Steritan orthography)

Thank you-ไas
Response (You're welcome)-fiงas xi

Where's the toilet?-Ghefisna WC-sir?

Would you like to dance with me?-Xi'hevi hisra'งiba cçahiʔ?

I love you-Somaʔxi fe

2. Language difficulties-ʡiva'ad simuha'

Do you speak English?-En er êsta Englêtaʔ?/Englêtaʔ vifas?

Does anyone speak English?-Er Englêtaʔ qeʔงivê ʔive'a?

Do you speak Steritan?-En er êsta Sterêtaʔ?/Sterêtaʔ vifas?
Yes, a little-Ir, imêni

I don't speak Steritan-Sin'êsti Sterêtaʔ ʔiva'are

I don't know-Sir'hau ʢêʢʢa

Please speak more slowly-Le', ʔiva'ar siʔnavirta

Please say that again-Le', ʔivma'tar ka'sesu

Sorry, I didn't get that-Par̥done, me'hau sin'ghentisu

What did you say?-Kescan-xi ʔivma'tarstï le'?

Please write it down-Le', virêʢntajzu

Can you translate it for me?-ʡiva'sinzri xisu kihau?

What does this mean?-Jisu ʔiva´arit me?

How do you say ... in Steritan?-... ʔiva'are me Sterêtaʔ jia'?

How do you pronounce that?-Jisume jia' kescan?

I understand-λxi hau simuhaʔ

I don't understand-Sir'xi hau simuhaʔ

Do you understand?-Xiʢʢusu simeʔe?

3. In the hotel-Me' hotel

There's a problem in the room-Fe problém me'งareʔa

There's no hot water-Fe'sin védra sidra'mงinç

The tap/faucet is leaking-Vimer sijmats êmงitä

The drain is blocked-Humus fe ʔapê'ê´li

The air conditioner is too noisy-Klimãtizatç hụcæ

I would like to move
to another room-Somaʔ'hau งareʔa xejse

When I should vacate the room?-Hau-xwedi píъsante a งareʔa?

I'd like to check out-Somaʔ'hau ɑntasu

I'd check out on this date-Somaʔ'hau ɑntasu'ə întu'datum

Please call a taxi for me-Le', ʔiva'arøler takşi'haumir̥

May I see the bill please?-Sêmaʔ'hau ghana'ês is-vednaş?

How much is the total bill?-Qomplet'vednaş le', st'ha'aʔzu felʢos-hau?

Can I have an itemised bill?-Sêmaʔ'hau vednaşiset?

I think there's a mistake on the bill-Kriʔau xábme'vednaş eɑ'ə

4. Making a lunch/dinner date-Irhauqe diʢʢja/itrawa

Are you free for lunch?-Kederaqefe me-diʢʢja?

Are you free this evening?-Kederaqefe me-itrawa?

Can you suggest a place for lunch?-Kigarakafi me-diʢʢja?

Can you suggest a place for dinner?-Kigarakafi me-itrawa?

I'll meet you there-Hauxi'hana'nês eɑ'ə

I'll meet you then-Hauxi'hana'nês awra

Can I have your phone number?-Xin'telefon kizra ginte'hau?

Can I have your adress?-Xin'ad´reş kizra ginte'hau?

This is my phone number-Hau'telefon kizra feeɑ'ə

This is my adress-Hau'ad´reş feeɑ'ə

5. Eating out (Me restauratsi)

Is there a restaurant near here?-Restauratsi vinta' feɑ'ə?

I'd like to reserve a table-Sêmaʔ'hau rezerva qefe

We have a reservation-Fica' vinta' rezerva

Do you have an English menu?-Finta Angl-menu?

Can I see the wine list?-Sêmaʔ'hau jila ghana'nêsa?

I am a vegetarian-Hau vegeğariãfe

Bon appetit-Soma apetit´a

Cheers/Good health-Kesut´a

This gentleman/lady will pay for everything-Msu qeʔivê'êli st'ihji ençe (This person will pay for everything)

6. Emergencies (Nouzi-situas')


Leave me alone!-Mihaʔfi iʢnejs!

Call the police!-Xiuxi' ʔiva'aräol polisio!

7. Special occasions-Spêʔşali ga'êงri

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year-Fréte Nerti’ k’aa ʢaroti sindo mroj

Happy Easter-Dirkirsoma

Happy Birthday-Samhorsoma

-Other phrases-Lec´a frási-

One language is never enough-Ka'ase ʔiva'ad งimmetitş

What are you doing?-Kescan dhadjóxin?


  • Phrases, Language difficulties, In the hotel, Making a lunch/dinner date, Eating out, Emergencies, Special occasions ( recorded by jurcik ), Moravian accent

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