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- Other language - Audio Request

43 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Slow Speed

1. Hello
2. Thank you
3. Excuse me
4. I don't understand
5. My name is
6. How are you?
7. I'm good
8. Beautiful
9. How do you say?
10. Bathroom?
11. How much?
12. Where is?
13. I'm from
14. No


  • French ( recorded by swansong1609 ), Southern Vietnamese

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    Corrected Text

    1. Hello Xin chào
    2. Thank you Cảm ơn
    3. Excuse me Làm ơn cho tôi hỏi / Xin lỗi
    4. I don't understand Tôi không hiểu
    5. My name is Tôi tên là
    6. How are you? Bạn khỏe không?
    7. I'm good Tôi khỏe
    8. Beautiful Xinh đẹp.
    9. How do you say? Bạn nói cái này như thế nào?
    10. Bathroom? Phòng tắm.
    11. How much? Bao nhiêu?
    12. Where is? Ở đâu?
    13. I'm from Tôi đến từ
    14. No Không