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Taiwanese Hokkien Audio Request

400 Characters / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments

你好嗎? (li2-ho2-bo0)
多謝, 我真好 (to-sia2, gua2 tsin5-ho/be7-bai2)
我真歡喜及你認似 (Goa2 chin hoan-hi2 kap li2 sek8-sai7)
爻早 (gau5-tsa2)
午安 (go-on)
晚安 (buan2-an)
呼乾啦! (Hō ta lah!)
你會曉講台語無? (Li2 e7-hiau2 kong2 tai5-gi2 bo5)
會曉, 一點點 (e7-hiau2, jit-tiam-tiam)
請問 (chhian2-mng7) 對不起 (tui3-put4-khi2)
借過 (tsioh4-kue3)
偌濟錢? (goa7-che7-chin5)
失禮 (sit-le2), 歹勢 (phain2-se3)
不客氣 (bian2 kheh-khi3)
便所佇叨位? (piān-só ti7 to2-ui7)
我愛你 (gua2 ai3 li2)
叫警察! (gio ging-tsad)




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