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English Audio Request

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Sexism in the Middle School classroom
I'm 13 years old and in 7th grade. It honestly pains me how sexist kids these days are. Let's say, to my parents' distaste, that I am the opposite of the "Average teen girl." I'd rather play Assassin's Creed than paint glitter on my nails. Anyways, few days ago my English class had a debate, and one of the topics was gender equality. As an aspiring feminist, I explained why women should receive equal pay as men, and to go against gender roles and stereotypes. One guy said, "Get back in the kitchen", to which I replied with "The kitchen is where knives are stored." The entire room went silent. After everyone spoke, we chose sides. I was mortified when so many girls chose the "sexist side." These were the girls whose life goals were "To find a guy who'll take care of me". All of the boys wanted to pursue futures in sports and college. I said I wanted to be a chemist and linguist for the CIA. Girls, never let society get in the way of your goals and ambitions, just because of your gender
—Guest Anonymous Ninja
My thoughts, My life
I will be spending the rest of my life fighting for womens rights and equality. Its sad that im already tired of living life, and at such a young age of only 18 years. Why? Because i feel like im living life as a slave, i feel that even though i have freedom and apparently that, "we are all created equal" that im still not completely human. Women are being dehumanized more and more as time passes, and its becoming more and more normal to disrespect women. Even though were all exactly the same, men and even some women are blind and brainwashed to automatically talk down to women and see them as weak or dumb. Women are commonly seen and used as sex OBJECTS, or maids and cooks and this is supposed to be natual and normal. Alot like slaves, right? Like when men sleep around with several women a week and hes a king but when a women even kisses a man shes a slut. This issue is getting worse, and boys need to be raised not to treat girls right,(well yea) but to treat them like boys.. apparent
—Guest Tiffany Putnam
Experience at a hospital
This happened about 5 years ago, but it still upsets me to this day. I was in a head-on car accident where the other person hit at 35 mph. Everybody involved was rushed to the hospital and my main complaint was that my shoulder hurt and partially numb. The male ER doctor comes in, looks at me, and tells me, "That my shoulder couldn't be injured because I was too busty and that acted as a cushion." I ended up pushing him into giving me an x-ray (after I pulled out that I was pre-Med at that time) but he refused to give me any pain medication because I wasn't that hurt (after he looked at the x-ray). After about a month of being in sheer agony over my shoulder and over the counter pain medication not working, I saw an orthopedic doctor. He felt my shoulder and asked me, "When did you dislocate and separate your shoulder?" When I told him what happened, he just grimaced and apologized for my experience. In the end, I had to undergo almost a year of physical therapy and still have problems
—Guest Actually Injured
hiking vs. hunting
i came into work this morning and my coworker, a male, says he goes on these rediculous hikes that have 1 rule, no women. now when he said that made me furious because i am a 4th generation hunter in my family, and i am the first female hunter in my family. so i asked him why he thinks women can't hike, and he said because we are "too sensitive, it would be too much" for us. now what kind of crap is that? so i dared him to do it in high heels next time. :)
—Guest tydye
My Uncle
My uncle kept pinching his daughter's bum because it was 'so cute'. She protested heaps and finally went to the police. They can't live together anymore and he is a registered sex offender, yet still thinks that he is the victim despite how he repeatedly violated her body.
—Guest Isobel
chest measure what?
Im a young adult who has a hourglass figure. At a beach party once a boy who i have never met ran up and said "hey you got a big chest that must mean your easy!" This isnt the first comment i have had made. I should be proud of my figure not insulted for it!
—Guest Tacha
He said WHAT?
I once heard a guy tell his fiancé "I provide security, you provide comfort!" What a real man. We've been married for 10 years now and she still provides the comfort.
—Guest The Truth
Sexism at a young age
When I was younger, my cousin had a friend come over. And I was trying to make friends, since when I was younger I made more friends that were boys than girls, but he didn't like women at all. He kept saying that girls can't do anything boys can do, like sports or anything outside the kitchen. I got so mad. my cousin was in the room, and he made the statement that if we had any guns or weapons on us, we'd be going at each other like arch enemies. He joked that I would win. He still didn't shut up, and when I see him now, which the last time was a few years ago, he refuses to even look at me.
—Guest Luci
My daughter was written up by a guy at work in his write up he said and I quote "States she PMSes all the time." Not only was she called into HR about this she was given a formal write up on that our union Rep refused to file a grievance on it and they used it in her termination less than a year later. Would love to find out if she could file a lawsuit!!!
Double standards!
I've been friends with a few boys through University and never noticed how sexist they were until now. It's second year and I don't see them as much, but when there was a house party the other weekend I decided to walk there with them. First we went to buy some cans from the local shop, during which every female in there was judged as to how good her figure was and so on. Then after as we walked, there were conversations about all the random girls they've managed to sleep with and it was evident how proud they were of it. It makes me furious, because afterwards they then had the audacity to turn around and judge me for kissing boys (and ONLY kissing!), judge my female friends, and tell me how I shouldn't drink because I'm embarrassing (even though they've done MUCH worse things in front of me!). It's as if men have this free pass to be slags and embarrassing drunks! In fact it's encouraged! In University, they can get away with anything and people let them! It's disgustingly unfair.
sexist dad
My dad is always saying that sorry its true boys are just better at sports than girls. He is always telling stories to my brother. The other day he told us about back in gym class they joined the boys and girls together with into one P.E. class he said that's when it was all terrible and that sucked he my sis don't even notice she just laughs and my dad says to my brother that playing with foam dodgeballs is for little wimpy girls my brow just laughs my brow also says wrong impressions of girls. He doesn't try to hurt me but he does also he makes it so that i know im not the golden child just because im a girl and assumes that just because u were glasses u r a nerd he gets this from my dad I know my dad doesn't try to hurt me but it still does
—Guest guest in tough position
Sexism towards women
I absolutely hate sexist men I have been reading fmls and I came across one that was extremely sexist I shall quote 'Today, I decided to go meet up with a guy that I met online for the first time. All he could talk about was how he expects me to "clean, cook, and submit" my body for sex at least twice a day when we get married. FML' well excuse me to the men out there that think that thats what women should do in there life WELL WOMEN DO HAVE GOALS IN LIFE TO and I am only 12 but ever since I knew the meanings of sexism and heard all the storys on the news about how girls in countrys dont get rights because there a different gender I have wanted to fight for women rights so all i want to say is WOMEN YOU HAVE RIGHTS TO YOU DONT NEED NO MAN TELLING YOU WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE A GOAL IN LIFE AND A MAN IS HOLDING YOU DOWN BECAUSE OF SEXISM HE CAN GO F HIMSELF BECAUSE WE CAN MAKE A CHANGE:) I am not just going to be a women when I am older I am going to be a well respected women by the men!