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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

Read with normal speed, please. Don't worry about the names of the places as they are Italian names...just pronounce them as you would normally do. Grazie!

Imagine diving into a transparent sea and from the water enjoying the view of an exceptional coastline with imposing rocky cliffs made of white stone punctuated here and there by sea grottos where the sea takes on wildly bright colors. We find ourselves north of the Riviera dei Cedri, named for the vast groves of citron.
Once this fruit has been candied, it becomes an important ingredient of traditional desserts such as the cassata and the cannolo. Moving south, the coast becomes more regular and gives way to wide sand and pebbles beaches and deeper waters. This is the coast near Diamante, Capo Bonifati and the small town of Paola, with its sanctuary dedicated to Saint Francis. This place certainly deserves a visit as it offers a very intense example of simple piety.
Here one experiences tranquility and peace as well as the feeling that the saint is close to the people and their needs.
Continuing south, a few kilometers from Paola, one comes upon Amantea where we would recommend not the city beach (quite large but often very crowded) but rather the small beach called Oasi blu dell’Isca, a fascinating seascape with two huge boulders a few hundred meters from the coast. Fantastic water and breathtaking scenery are guaranteed.




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