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Portuguese Audio Request

75 Words / 2 Recordings / 3 Comments
Note to recorder:

European Portuguese (Português de Portugal) only, please. Please read the number in Portuguese, pause, then ask the question. Tom de conversa informal e ritmo normal, sff :) Obrigada!

1. O que é um cais?
2. Conheces outros cais portugueses?
3. Qual é um cais famoso do teu país de origem?
4. Já alguma vez visitaste um cais?
5. Esse cais que visitaste, ou aquele famoso, fica à borda de que corpo de água?
6. E o Cais das Colunas? Fica à borda de que rio?
7. Qual a avenida que corre ao longo da margem?
8. Qual a estação de metro mais próxima?



Feb. 16, 2014

Hi, Allene.

I've changed a few things in your text. Only rivers flow (corre) not the avenues and "body of water" is translated as "massa de água".
I'm not sure if this is what you want. I tried to use a "ritmo normal" but if you want, I can do it slowly.

Why are you so interested in cais das colunas, can I ask?

Feb. 16, 2014

Oh, Elizabete! Once again, lovely! Thank you so much! And thank you as well for the corrections.

Aquilo de a avenida correr ao longo da margem tirei-o da Internet, que tende a espalhar barbaridades :D

Tirei "corpo de água" do mesmo lugar.

Hmm...Talvez a questão de "corpo de água" vs. "massa de água" seja regional? Este sítio de Viana do Castelo
usa "corpo de água". What do you think? Hmm...But "massa de água" is still winning out in sites in the northern region.

Regarding my interest in the Cais das Colunas, yes! You most certainly can ask! I have a meeting right now with some students, but afterwards--and after breakfast--I'll send you a private message.

Thank you so much, Elizabete!

Feb. 16, 2014

I forgot to respond to this:
> I'm not sure if this is what you want. I tried to use a "ritmo normal" but if you want, I can do it slowly. <

It is exactly what I want!

For pronunciation activities, I do prefer a slower pace; however, for most listening comprehension activities, I prefer normal/rapid speech.

Thank you for offering, though!