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English Audio Request

137 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments

I always wear knickers.
She always wears a thong.
We always wear a bra.
They always wear tights in winter.
I usually wear a nightdress to sleep.
She usually wears a bathrobe after showering.
We usually wear high-heel shoes.
They usually wear sandals in summer.
I normally leave home with my bag.
She normally wears very pretty earrings.
We normally wear a necklace.
They normally wear pendants.
I often wear rings.
Maria often wears bracelets.
They always wear underpants.
We often wear a watch.
They often wear a belt.
I sometimes wear a tie.
Paul sometimes wears a black bow-tie.
We sometimes wear trainers.
They sometimes wear boots.
I never carry an umbrella.
He never carries a briefcase.
We never carry a wallet.
They never carry a purse.
I always carry a key ring with my keys.