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English Audio Request

139 Words / 3 Recordings / 1 Comments

Enjoy the beach.
Don't pee in the sea.
Ride the waves with your surf board.
Go for a walk with your girlfriend along the seashore.
Don't go swimming after eating.
Men wear swimming trunks on the beach.
Buy yourself a sexy bikini.
Put your flip-flops on to walk on the sand.
Kiss a girl when wearing diving goggles.
Speak through the snorkel.
Try to walk on the sand with your flippers.
Inflate the air bed before using it.
No more than five people should get into the inflatable boat.
Help your brother make sand castles.
Sunbathe with precaution.
Don't go topless in front of your ex-boyfriend.
Use sunblock lotion.
Don't use too much suntan lotion.
Sit under the sunshade.
Don't put your towel close to a group of children.
the hammock.
the bats.
the inflatable ball.
the beach stall.



Aug. 28, 2011

Thank you for your help.


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