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English Audio Request

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We are carrying out an opinion poll and I would like to ask you some questions.

'Do you smoke?' 'No, I don't smoke.'

'Did you smoke when you were young?' 'No, I didn't smoke.'

'Very well, do you drink?' 'I drink some beer on Sundays.'

'Do you go to the pub very often?' 'No, I don't usually go to the pub.'

'Are you a member of a club?' 'Yes, I'm a member of the tennis club.'

'How many times do you go to the club during the week?' 'I go on Saturday

afternoons to play tennis.'

'Don't you go on Sundays?' 'No, we don't go out on Sundays.'

'Do you ever go to the theatre?' 'No, we don't go to the theatre very often, once or

twice a year.'

'Do you go to the cinema?' 'We go to the cinema once or twice a month.'

'Did you go to the cinema when you were young?' 'Yes, when we were young we

used to go every Sunday.'

'Thank you very much, you are very kind.'

(Translations for the school of languages, level 2, Editorial Stanley)




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