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English Audio Request

463 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Moderate speed, please.

1. He put his hand on the phone so that they wouldn't recognize his voice.
2. We left in a hurry for fear he should change his mind.
3. Some die so that others may live.
4. They carved their names so that we knew who they were
5. The writing is different so that blind people can read it.
6. I left a note in the hall so that he saw it as he came in.
7. I didn't do it so that he wouldn't beat me.
8. They kept quiet in case he woke.
9. They didn't come so as not to disturb him.
10. Marian was anxious in case I should miss the flight.
11. I'm taking the umbrella in case I need it.
12. They arrived early so as not to miss anything.
13. I closed the door and window so that we should have quiet.
14. I opened the window in order to get fresh air.
15. They've arrived early so as to get a good seat.
16. I'll take a weapon with me in case I need it.
17. We came early in order not to miss anything.
18. He asked us to ring first in case he was out.
19. There were telephones so that drivers could summon help.
20. I'm going to light the fire so that the house is warm.
21. He feared he might fall.
22. I didn't do it in case someone objected.
23. We kept silence lest the baby should wake up.
24. He entered on tiptoe so as not to wake her up.
25. He worked all night on the engine so that we might leave early.
26. We talked in whispers for fear of waking the baby.
27. I held my breath for fear he should hear me.
28. She cooked a big meal in case the boys came back hungry.
29. They had lunch early in order to leave as soon as possible.
30. You have to read it slowly in order to understand it.
31. My father sacrificed a great deal in order that we might study.
32. We bought some wine in case they should come to dinner.
33. He tied it up to a tree so that it couldn't run away.
34. He left without breakfast so as not to bother us.
35. They didn't sleep for fear they should attack them again.
36. He travelled all night in order to be there in the morning.
37. We stayed at home so as not to spend any more money.
38. Buy candles in case there is a power cut.
39. I didn't say anything so as not to put my foot in it.
40. I put a cork on it so that it wouldn't sink.


  • 18. clauses of purpose - (p. 37) ( recorded by _undertoad ), American English (Pacific Northwest)

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