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English Audio Request

449 Words / 1 Recordings / 1 Comments
Note to recorder:

Moderate speed, please.

1. I don't mind what he does as long as he sends me the money.
2. I'II ask him, unless you prefer me to ask her.
3. Assuming that what you say is true, it has nothing to do with me.
4. I find it difficult to believe, even if you say it's true.
5. You can borrow my car, provided you buy some petrol.
6. We must go early, otherwise/or else we won't get a seat.
7. I'll be back to work tomorrow, whether I feel well or not.
8. I'll go with you, otherwise they won't let you in.
9. Suppose there are no tickets, what shall we do?
10. I wouldn't marry her, even if she were Miss Universe.
11. I don't mind what you talk about, as long as you speak in English.
12. Unless you leave at once, you won't get there in time.
13. Assuming it's true, what can we do?
14. They'll lend us their country house, provided we look after it.
15. Assuming we miss the plane, what shall we do?
16. You can take my car provided I have it back by tomorrow.
17. We must leave at once, whether we are ready or not.
18. Unless you tell me the truth, I'll punish you.
19. With patience they'll teach him something.
20. Given an opportunity you'll succeed.
21. You can take the day off provided you finish the job.
22. You must finish your job, otherwise you won't get paid.
23. My grandfather brings in the firewood, otherwise, we would have no heating.
24. I'll bring wine and beer in case we need them.
25. I'll bring wine if you need some.
26. But for his friends he would have problems.
27. Without your help I wouldn't have reached the top.
28. I'll lend you the book providing I have it back next month.
29. You must hand in the exams whether you've finished or not.
30. But for your help I wouldn't have been successful.
31. I'll go to the shop early, otherwise I won't find fresh fish.
32. Assuming he comes, what can he do?
33. I'll go, unless you prefer my brother to go.
34. I don't mind where you are as long as you come early.
35. You must come with me whether you want it or not.
36. You can do whatever you want provided you hand in your work.
37. Assuming there's no room for us, what shall we do?
38. But for that opportunity I wouldn't be here.
39. They'll lend us their house on condition that we lend them ours.
40. We must hand it in even if we haven't finished.


  • 17. Implied conditional clauses - (p. 35) ( recorded by Peter ), American English

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Feb. 18, 2013

On #2, I'II should be I'll (One I and two Ls, in case it's hard to tell on your screen).


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