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English Audio Request

383 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Moderate speed, please

1. Lying in bed is just as boring as watching television.
2. Eating cereals is much healthier than eating meat.
3. He goes more slowly than his friend (does).
4. Speaking English is easier than writing it.
5. They don't pay as much in taxes as we do.
6. He answers just as quickly as his brothers (do).
7. She sings louder than most singers.
8. Sweeping the streets is better than doing nothing.
9. Today it's darker than it was yesterday.
10. He does the ironing, which is better than watching TV.
11. Ill do it myself, which is better than calling a technician.
12. Doing things oneself is safer than letting the children do them.
13. It will be cheaper to buy a new car.
14. He didn't run as fast as we expected.
15. They work much harder than we did at their age.
16. Linda is as pretty as her sister (is).
17. The more exercise you take, the better you feel.
18. It's warmer today than it was yesterday.
19. Marian types as quickly as Linda (does).
20. She doesn't run as fast as her brother (does).
21. He spends more money than he earns.
22. They didn't play as well as we did.
23. This morning he looked happier than last night.
24. My husband spends more money than I earn.
25. They don't pay as much as we do.
26. You work much more than I do.
27. To drive a car is much easier than to pilot a plane.
28. I'll do it myself; it'll be cheaper than calling a plumber.
29. He doesn't play as well as his friend (does).
30. Doing it oneself is less difficult than teaching others.
31. She looked happier today than yesterday.
32. Drinking water is healthier than drinking beer.
33. Sleeping at night is better than sleeping during the day.
34. The faster you run, the sooner you'll arrive.
35. They don't do it as well as we expected.
36. Little Peter is much more clever /cleverer than his sister.
37. She spends much more money than he does.
38. We don't type as fast as they do.
39. I spend less time studying than she does.
40. Watching television is more amusing than listening to the radio.


  • 15. Clauses of comparison - (p. 31) ( recorded by Eggcluck ), British English Midlands

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