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English Audio Request

336 Words / 1 Recordings / 2 Comments
Note to recorder:

Moderate speed please.
Some phrases need to be read in two ways. Please do.

1. The situation was terribly confusing.
2. Ail the wounded/injured needed medical attention.
3. I'm afraid I was quite wrong.
4. We all love/like him. He is a jolly good fellow.
5. Nothing was to be heard. The place was dead/very quiet.
6. That vase is a unique piece. It is a masterpiece.
7. I enjoyed the party very much indeed.
a That poet is very much admired in this country.
9. Workers are paid weekly.
10. The weather is warm enough to go to the beach.
11. This book is quite good. That one is not so good.
12. This newspaper is a daily newspaper.
13. This plate is too hot to touch.
14. I'm afraid your answer is not quite right.
15. You are not right. You're quite wrong.
16. All the corpses were horribly mutilated.
17. The raid into enemy territory was perfectly planned.
18. She is an extremely helpful person.
19. These workers work extremely slowly.
20. The news was extremely confusing.
21. She didn't trust him. She felt deeply suspicious.
22. This train is moving pretty slowly.
23. She is a very interesting woman.
24. This one is much faster than that one.
25. The poor woman has been very much alone lately.
26. Peter is a jolly good fellow.
27. He was a very respectable person.
28. It was extremely quiet in the cathedral.
29. I must concede that you were quite right.
30. We all miss her. She is indispensable.
31. The water in the swimming pool was too cold to swim in.
32. All these children need medical care.
33. He is a person very much admired in his country.
34. He is a highly respected person in this city.
35. Thank you very much indeed. I'm very grateful.
36. He was badly wounded/injured.
37. This magazine is a weekly magazine.
38. In this firm you get paid monthly.
39. Both of them are expensive, but this one is slightly cheaper.
40. This restaurant is very expensive indeed.


  • 6. Adjectives: degrees of intensity - (p. 13) ( recorded by arpch01 ), American English

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Jan. 28, 2013

2. I assume you meant "all".

Jan. 29, 2013

Thank you.


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