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English Audio Request

360 Words / 1 Recordings / 1 Comments

1. They were all beautiful, but Rita was perhaps the most beautiful of all.
2. My boyfriend is the most handsome man I know.
3. This picture has the most grey in the auction.
4. This boy is worse-tempered than his father.
5. This is the funniest boy in the class.
6. This is the thinnest man in town.
7. This joke is the least amusing of all.
8. This one is less expensive than those.
9. This house is built better than the others.
10. This situation is less common than that one.
11. This street is narrower than those.
12. This desk is the tidiest one in the classroom.
13. These people are freer than those.
14. This person is the least charming.
15. This boy is more quick-witted than his sister.
16. They are all beautiful, but this one is the least beautiful.
17. John is better-looking than his friend.
18. This boy is shyer than his sister.
19. My friend is busier than I am.
20. He has made far fewer mistakes than other times.
21. It was the most worrying moment I have ever experienced.
22. It is more fun to go with somebody than to go alone.
23. I have never met a kinder man.
24. It is truer to say this than the contrary.
25. This film is the least boring of all.
26. This is the lesser of the evils.
27. Most of the wine is imported.
28. This is by far the worst road in the country.
29. It is the oldest trick on earth.
30. I think it is safer to overtake now.
31. She was more than pleased with her new car.
32. He is responsible to a lesser extent.
33. I like both coats. Which one is the longest?
34. Most doctors don't smoke.
35. Driving is less tiring than walking.
36. More food is wasted than eaten in this canteen.
37. Which country produces most wine?
38. You are by far the most careless one in the class.
39. This is the best-looking/most good-looking boy in the class.
40. This is the least comfortable chair of all.



Jan. 25, 2013

My Midwestern accent caused me to say the word "comfortable" more like "comftorble" Where the "t" is pronounced before the "or", therefore removing a syllable from the word. I realize that this is not the proper pronunciation and apologize, but I didn't want to have to re do the whole recording.