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English Audio Request

322 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments

1. The situation was very unfavourable to us.
2. I'm afraid the situation is very irregular.
3. The report was not complete. It was incomplete.
4. Bernard is a rather inconsistent person.
5. My boyfriend is extraordinary. He is superhuman.
6. The meat is not done yet. It is underdone.
7. We are living in a very unreal situation.
8. Your friend has never been formal. He is rather informal.
9. The treatment is not effective. It is rather ineffective.
10. He has no illusions left. He is rather disillusioned.
11. The seam of silver is very impure.
12. This part is not well adjusted. It is maladjusted.
13. My wife is a hypersensitive person.
14. He is an introverted and antisocial man.
15. This book is not well known. In fact it is unknown.
16. They have a non-interference agreement.
17. My father is irreligious.
18. It was something unplanned.
19. I'm very dissatisfied with you.
20. Doing that is illogical.
21. Nobody is indispensable in this world.
22. The draft is already overdue.
23. He has no manners. He is impolite.
24. He is not a loyal person. He is disloyal.
25. The biscuits you made today are inedible.
26. In this country most people are anticommunist.
27. In the accident everyone was unscathed.
28. That friend of yours is very immoral.
29. Smuggling tobacco is, of course, illegal.
30. That young man was an irresponsible person.
31. That accountant is a dishonest person.
32. We couldn't do anything about it. It was inevitable.
33. They were a I ways together. They were inseparable.
34. We spoke about unimportant things.
35. I don't understand it. It is something incomprehensible.
36. All this territory is unexplored.
37. He is not connected with the world. He is disconnected.
38. He is a very insincere person.
39. My book is not finished. It is unfinished.
40. Your son is an inexperienced young man.




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