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English Audio Request

371 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments

1. We were served by an unfriendly young waiter.
2. It was a small, dark dirty room.
3. He used a small, sharp pocket knife.
4. We found ourselves in a huge, glass conference room.
5. He broke a beautiful, white, Japanese porcelain plate.
6. Susan was going out with a tall, dark handsome American.
7. They had a nice, white curlyhaired little dog.
8. We met a handsome young navy lieutenant.
9. The young girl lived alone in a nice, bright clean room.
10. He drank a huge ice-cold glass of milk.
11. She carried a big, shiny black leather handbag.
12. It was a handmade wooden kitchen table.
13. We went to a very nice, little Italian restaurant.
14. On her wrist she wore a dark green emerald bracelet.
15. In the little house there lived a grumpy old woman.
16. Mr Martin was speaking to/with a beautiful young woman.
17. The two families lived in a decrepit old hut/cabin.
18. She was a tall woman and she wore a black leather skirt.
19. We saw a British war film.
20. He had large, protruding red eyes.
21. It was a grey and miserable rainy day.
22. He had a refreshing cold shower in the morning.
23. She wore a pretty, new green dress.
24. They came in a huge, old black Cadillac.
25. The girl opened a little, brown wooden box.
26. He had a white chubby face with bulging eyes.
27. They lived in a small, dirty narrow street.
28. At the door sat a small, fat black dog.
29. They moved to an exciting, large new town.
30. She had attractive, long blond hair.
31. They auctioned a very expensive, old piece of Italian furniture.
32. They went to see a new Japanese film.
33. The night was dark, wet and cold.
34. She wore black, Italian leather boots.
35. They sat around a huge, oval conference table.
36. She bought a black and white Indian chessboard.
37. A tanned young athlete stood at the door.
38. She had a small, black metal box in her hand.
39. The coffee was black and strong.
40. The young woman was tall and thin, with a sculptural figure.




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