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English Audio Request

319 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments

1. As regards your work, I'm not satisfied with it.
2. He joined the regular army.
3. It bears no relation to reality.
4. This is a release valve.
5. The reaction releases heat and oxygen.
6. This is a press release.
7. We mustn't release waste into the sea.
8. The injection gave him relief from the pain.
9. The Virgin stands out in relief against the dark blackground.
10. You have found your purse. What a relief!
11. The sentries are relieved at midnight.
12. We have relieved ourselves of the problem.
13. Remove your hat in front of a lady.
14. He removed the lid of the pot.
15. We must render thanks to God.
16. The accident rendered him blind.
17. That was for services rendered to the country.
18. There have been a lot of replies to our advertisement.
19. Tell the sergeant to make his report.
20. There's nothing to report.
21. They are going to report the results of the investigation.
22. What is required to make an omelette?
23. They did it within the required time.
24. A great deal of application is required to study medicine.
25. The armchair had a wooden back rest.
26. The vase rested on a marble column.
27. His eyes rested on the picture.
28. Rest assured that we'll do everything in our power.
29. God rest his soul.
30. Don't rest on your laurels.
31. I'll give you a pen in return for a pencil.
32. We offered them food in return for their help.
33. In return for your kindness, I'd like to invite your daughter.
34. This business brings in a good return.
35. Please reply by return.
36. It's an investment that returns very good interest.
37. I'll return the favour one day.
38. Jesus returned from the dead.
39. You have to go into reverse.
40. Make a reverse-charge call.




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