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English Audio Request

290 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments

1. You are treading on thin ice.
2. They put on some music to break the ice.
3. I haven't got the foggiest/slightest idea.
4. You mustn't speak ill of your parents.
5. We can ill afford the time.
6. He hasn't an inch of common sense.
7. She is every inch a lady.
8. There was not an inch of room.
9. They searched every inch of the place.
10. They were within an inch of the body.
11. I had no inkling that you were here.
12. There is an inkling of truth in what he says.
13. This job involves little work.
14. Don't involve me in the argument.
15. That involves a large labour force.
16. Don't get involved in that businesss.
17. I'm in a jam.
18. He jammed his fingers in the door.
19. The room was jammed with people.
20. The door has jammed.
21. This is just the job.
22. You have to make the best of a bad job.
23. What a good job you were here.
24. Join us in a glass of champagne.
25. The joke was on Peter.
26. I did it for a joke.
27. They spent the evening cracking jokes.
28. He jumped at the chance.
29. He was jumping for joy.
30. You have to jump in at the deep end,
31. That car has jumped the lights.
32. Don't jump to conclusions.
33. I'm keen on that girl.
34. You have keen eyesight.
35. I'm not very keen on custard.
36. Tom is very keen on cycling. He is a keen cyclist.
37. Keep it under your hat.
38. He keeps asking me the time.
39. Keep your town tidy.
40. What kept you?




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