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English Audio Request

119 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

Natural speed please.
Please read everything, including the instructions.

II. /ʃ/ as in ship, /ʧ/ as in chip, /ʒ/ as in beige, /ʤ/ as in badge

Repeat the following words

sheer, cheer, jeer leash, leech, liege sheep, cheap, jeep
shin, chin, gin cash, cadge garage
rouge usual treasure

Imitate the model: chin => gin

cheap (jeep) choke (joke) chunk (junk) char (jar)
breeches (bridges) etch (edge) rich (ridge)

Repeat the following sentences

Charles chose a cheap lunch of chops and chips.
They were charged with perjury and tried before a judge and jury.
He injured his thumb on the jagged edge of a broken jar.
The explosion caused quite a commotion among the children at church.
I’ll fetch you our latest batch of cheap badges and brooches.




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