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English Audio Request

114 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

This is actually a narration I need for a promotional video for my company. I will use it for a youtube video. I need an adult (age 30 or more / any gender) voice in natural speed. Thanks!

Cardinal Pro Painters, LLC is the Carolina's Painting Contractor of choice for homeowners and businesses looking for Professional Quality and Affordability.

We offer interior & exterior painting services as well as power washing, drywall repairs, and wood replacement. We serve homeowners, businesses, and apartment communities.

What sets Cardinal Pro Painters apart from other contractors is our unwavering service and attention to detail that our clients depend on. We are focused on taking care of your remodeling needs with the highest levels of customer satisfaction - We deliver results that exceed your expectations, all while staying on-budget and on-schedule.

It is our mission to build relationships with our customers by establishing trust, honesty, and dependability.




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