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English Audio Request

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- Hi Rebecca! What are you doing?
- I’m posting some pictures on my Instagram account! Have a look!
- Oh! You should change your privacy settings.
- Privacy settings?
- Yes! There are privacy settings on your social medias. Your account is totally public at the moment, and you're logged in! Have you ever heard about being safe on the Internet?
- Of course, I have. But what are the privacy settings for?
- For the right people to see your information, not EVERYONE. If you don't change your privacy settings, when you upload a photo, anyone can see it. It's important to change them so only your friends can see your information. You don't want everyone to see everything!
- No! But I can delete things, can't I?
- Well, you can, but it's very difficult. Some things stay there forever.
- Oh, I’ve never really thought about all this.
- Don't worry, but you must learn how to stay safe. For example, you mustn't tell anyone your password!
- I won't!
- Isn’t it Cute Rebecca one two one?
- Yes, it is. How …
- It's on your notebook. Right there, on your desk. It isn't a very secret place, is it?
- No, you’re right, it isn't.




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