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English Audio Request

279 Words / 2 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

(preferably with English accent) Can you help my students get ready for the school trip ?

• Nice to meet you !
• We’re very happy to be here.
• Thank you for welcoming us.
• Your house is lovely ! You have a beautiful house !
• How long have you been a host family ?
• Why did you start hosting students ?
• Is it sometimes difficult to host foreign students ?
• What is your best memory with foreign students ?

• Do you have pets ?
• I love dogs
• But I’m a bit scared of cats
• At home, we have a guinea pig.

• I would like to improve my English.
• I love speaking English.
• I love the English language
• It’s difficult for me to speak English.
• I find it difficult to find my words.
• Can you speak more slowly, please ?
• Can you repeat ? / Can you say that again ?
• I’m sorry but I don’t understand.

• I have a present for you / I have a little something for you.
• I wanted to thank you for welcoming me.
• This is a French specialty.
• I hope you’ll like it.
• Can I help you prepare dinner ?
• Can I help you lay the table ?
• Can I help you clear the table ?

• I’m a little hungry.
• I’m a little thirsty.
• I’m starving.
• I could eat a horse.
• Could I have something to drink ?
• I’m sorry but I don’t like cheese.
• It’s delicious ! / It’s lovely !
• Could I have some more ?
• Do you mind if I don’t finish ?




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