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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

British accent preferred for some Year 7 French students learning English

This is a Year 7’s timetable.
They first lesson is at half past eight every day and they finish at 4 o'clock.
They have got lessons on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
They have got assembly on Monday and Thursday at half past eight.
On Monday, after assembly, at twenty past nine they have got Drama. They have got another drama lesson on Thursday at twenty past one.
They have got a maths lesson on Monday at quarter past three and on Wednesday at half past eight.
At quarter past eleven on Wednesday they have got computer science.
They have got English on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at twenty past nine.
They have got three maths lessons on Wednesday. Poor pupils. They don’t like Maths, it's difficult
Everyday, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday they have got a break in the morning between five past ten and twenty five past ten and in the afternoon between ten to three and quarter past three.
They have got lunch between twelve o'clock and twenty past one everyday. They eat in the canteen, the food is delicious.
Their first lesson on Tuesday at half past eight is French and they have got French again on Thursday at twenty-five past ten. After the break on Tuesday at twenty-five past ten, they’ve got history.
Their last two lessons on Thursday are P.E at five past two and quarter past three. They go to the swimming-pool.
And they finish the week with art on Friday at quarter past three.


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