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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

Not too fast, please. Should be understood by French teenagers learning English.
Thank you so much!

MD : Good evening Mam. Could I talk to Josephine Baker please ?
JB : Josephine speaking. May I ask who is calling please ?
JB : Nice to meet you dear. How are you doing ?
MD : I feel great after my Wiedersehen mit Marlene tour. I’ve just finished recording Shir Hatan in Hebrew following up my commitment against Nazism and my song Lili Marlène
But I’m not calling you to talk about that. I know you are fond of art and I’m sure you didn’t miss the last few days' information.
JB : You mean the sale, on July 8th, of the preparatory work of Fernand Leger “ Joueurs de Cartes”.
MD : I see your reputation is well founded. Indeed you are aware that, just like you, I met Fernand in New York
JB : I thought so indeed. Did he talk to you about this painting ?It seems like nobody knows where it comes from.
MD : From what I heard, it’s a gift Fernand gave a childhood friend before he left for the USA during the war.
JB : That’s also what I heard. But tell me dear what’s in your mind ?
MD : Nothing at all ! Don’t worry ! I just want you to know that I intend to be buying at the auction. I refuse that our dear Peggy GUGGENHEIM acquires another painting. She possesses all the masterpieces of our contemporary friends and I want to get my share.
JB : I perfectly understand my dear Marlene. The problem is I also intend to buy that painting.
MD : Maybe we could find a deal then. I could let you have the next sale and you would let me have this one.
JB : I’m really sorry but that’s impossible. I can’t possibly imagine to let go one of Fernand’s painting.
MD : Well, let’s have another agreement then. I have acquaintances who would be able to put pressure on Nathan Steine and that could influence the sale of the painting. Let’s be sure we make the deal. Otherwise we will have to call Anna to solve the a more definitive way
JB : You are really ready to do anything to get that painting…
MD : Considering its scarcity and its price, that I presume will be really high, I am indeed ready to do anything and I can assure you my men will do what’s needed to prevent Peggy to get that painting.
JB : Perfect then. I hope you’re right … Please make sure that masterpiece doesn’t end in Venice Guggenheim museum !
MD : I promise. Thank you so much. I will come and visit you on my next singing tour in Paris !


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