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English Audio Request

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Note to recorder:

Please record at normal speed with loud voice. If there is any mistake, please comment it and record the right option. Thank you!

If there is a celebrity in science, it would be Albert Einstein, the German-born American physicist who founded the basics of the modern theoretical physics at the beginning of the past century. Everybody in the western world has heard his name, which is often regarded as a synonymous with genius. His passion for knowledge began when he discovered the amazing world of electricity and geometry, thanks to a family friend. However, before he achieved his fame as a reputed scientist, he had difficult moments trying to fight against the prejudices of his time that condemned him to unemployment because of his repulsion for the orthodox education system. After the publication of his four fabulous seminal papers that sowed the theories of relativity and quantum mechanics, he grew apart from his wife and children and got involved in a romantic affair with his cousin, which caused a bitter divorce. With Nazis in power harassing the Jewish people, he saw his work threatened and traveled to America where he settled until his death.


  • Albert Einstein ( recorded by bazinga ), General American (English), Hong Kong (Cantonese)

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Jan. 24, 2013

Thanks a lot, bazinga!


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