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Welsh Audio Request

53 Words / 1 Recordings / 0 Comments
Note to recorder:

This is for a course I'm doing on the Book of Common Prayer and trying to show the variety of languages into which it has been translated. I understand that this may be somewhat archaic Welsh (its a translation of the 1662 Prayer Book). Please record once slowly so I can hear the words clearly and then at a normal, but clear, speaking speed. Thank you so much! Also, I have no preference for what kind of Welsh accent you may have, but please indicate that if you can.

Yr Holl-alluog Dduw, i'r hwn y mae pob calon yn agored, a phob deisyf yn gydnabyddus, a rhag yr hwn nid oes dim dirgel yn guddiedig; Glanhâ feddyliau'n calonnau trwy ysprydoliaeth dy Lân Yspryd; fel y carom dydi yn berffaith, ac y mawrhaom yn deilwng dy Enw sanctaidd; trwy Grist ein Harglwydd. Amen.




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