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Klingon Audio Request

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0:0 MarkThe QaQ News According Daq Mark
1:1 | The tagh vo' the QaQ News vo' Jesus Christ, the puqloD vo' joH'a'.
1:2 | As 'oH ghaH ghItlhta' Daq the leghwI'pu',
1:2 “ yIlegh, jIH ngeH wIj messenger qaSpa' lIj qab,
1:2 'Iv DIchDaq ghuH lIj way qaSpa' SoH. { Note: Malachi 3:1 }
1:3 | The ghogh vo' wa' crying Daq the ngem,
1:3 ‘ chenmoH ready the way vo' the joH!
1:3 chenmoH Daj Hemey straight!'” { Note: Isaiah 40:3 }
1:4 | John ghoSta' yIQchoHmoHtaH { Note: joq, immersing } Daq the ngem je preaching the yIQchoHmoHghach vo' repentance vaD forgiveness vo' yemmey.
1:5 | Hoch the Hatlh vo' Judea je Hoch chaH vo' Jerusalem mejta' pa' Daq ghaH. chaH were yIQchoHmoHta' Sum ghaH Daq the Jordan bIQtIQ, confessing chaj
1:5 yemmey.
1:6 | John ghaHta' clothed tlhej camel's jIb je a leather belt around Daj waist. ghaH ate locusts je wild honey.
1:7 | ghaH preached, ja'ta', “After jIH choltaH ghaH 'Iv ghaH mightier than jIH, the thong vo' 'Iv sandals jIH 'oH ghobe' worthy Daq stoop bIng je loosen.
1:8 | jIH yIQchoHmoHta' SoH Daq { Note: The Greek mu' (en) translated naDev as “ Daq” laH je taH translated as “ tlhej” Daq 'op contexts. } bIQ,
1:8 'ach ghaH DIchDaq yIQchoHmoH SoH Daq the le' qa'.”
1:9 | 'oH qaSta' Daq chaH jajmey, vetlh Jesus ghoSta' vo' Nazareth vo' Galilee, je ghaHta' yIQchoHmoHta' Sum John Daq the Jordan.
1:10 | SIbI' choltaH Dung vo' the bIQ, ghaH leghta' the chal parting, je the qa' descending Daq ghaH rur a dove.
1:11 | A ghogh ghoSta' pa' vo' the sky, “ SoH 'oH wIj parmaqqay puqloD, Daq 'Iv jIH 'oH QaQ pleased.”
1:12 | SIbI' the qa' drove ghaH pa' Daq the ngem.
1:13 | ghaH ghaHta' pa' Daq the ngem loSmaH jajmey tempted Sum Satan. ghaH ghaHta' tlhej the wild Ha'DIbaH; je the Duy''a'pu' were serving ghaH.
1:14 | DaH after John ghaHta' tlhappu' Daq custody, Jesus ghoSta' Daq Galilee, preaching the QaQ News vo' the Kingdom vo' joH'a',
1:15 | je ja'ta', “The poH ghaH rInpu', je the Kingdom vo' joH'a' ghaH Daq ghop! Repent, je Har Daq the QaQ News.”
1:16 | Passing along Sum the bIQ'a' vo' Galilee, ghaH leghta' Simon je Andrew the loDnI' vo' Simon casting a net Daq the bIQ'a', vaD chaH were
1:16 fishermen.
1:17 | Jesus ja'ta' Daq chaH, “ ghoS after jIH, je jIH DIchDaq chenmoH SoH Daq fishers vaD loDpu'.”
1:18 | SIbI' chaH poS chaj nets, je tlha'ta' ghaH.
1:19 | ghoS Daq a mach further vo' pa', ghaH leghta' James the puqloD vo' Zebedee, je John, Daj loDnI', 'Iv were je Daq the boat mending the
1:19 nets.
1:20 | SIbI' ghaH ja' chaH, je chaH poS chaj vav, Zebedee, Daq the boat tlhej the hired toy'wI'pu', je mejta' after ghaH.
1:21 | chaH mejta' Daq Capernaum, je SIbI' Daq the jaj SochDIch jaj ghaH 'elta' Daq the synagogue je taught.
1:22 | chaH were astonished Daq Daj teaching, vaD ghaH taught chaH as ghajtaH authority, je ghobe' as the scribes.
1:23 | SIbI' pa' ghaHta' Daq chaj synagogue a loD tlhej an Say'Ha' qa', je ghaH SaQta' pa',
1:24 | ja'ta', “Ha! nuq ta' maH ghaj Daq ta' tlhej SoH, Jesus, SoH Nazarene? ghaj SoH ghoS Daq Qaw' maH? jIH Sov SoH 'Iv SoH 'oH: the le' wa'
1:24 vo' joH'a'!”
1:25 | Jesus rebuked ghaH, ja'ta', “ taH quiet, je ghoS pa' vo' ghaH!”
1:26 | The Say'Ha' qa', convulsing ghaH je crying tlhej a loud ghogh, ghoSta' pa' vo' ghaH.
1:27 | chaH were Hoch amazed, vaj vetlh chaH questioned among themselves, ja'ta', “ nuq ghaH vam? A chu' teaching? vaD tlhej authority ghaH
1:27 commands 'ach the Say'Ha' spirits, je chaH obey ghaH!”
1:28 | The report vo' ghaH mejta' pa' SIbI' everywhere Daq Hoch the region vo' Galilee je its surrounding area.
1:29 | SIbI', ghorgh chaH ghajta' ghoS pa' vo' the synagogue, chaH ghoSta' Daq the tuq vo' Simon je Andrew, tlhej James je John.
1:30 | DaH Simon's be'nal SoS lay rop tlhej a fever, je SIbI' chaH ja'ta' ghaH about Daj.
1:31 | ghaH ghoSta' je tlhapta' Daj Sum the ghop, je raised Daj Dung. The fever poS Daj, je ghaH served chaH.
1:32 | Daq evening, ghorgh the pemHov ghajta' cher, chaH qempu' Daq ghaH Hoch 'Iv were rop, je chaH 'Iv were possessed Sum demons.
1:33 | Hoch the veng ghaHta' boSta' tay' Daq the lojmIt.
1:34 | ghaH healed law' 'Iv were rop tlhej various diseases, je chuH pa' law' demons. ghaH ta'be' allow the demons Daq jatlh, because chaH
1:34 knew ghaH.
1:35 | Early Daq the po, qaStaHvIS 'oH ghaHta' vIHHa' dark, ghaH rose Dung je mejta' pa', je departed Daq a deserted Daq, je prayed pa'.
1:36 | Simon je chaH 'Iv were tlhej ghaH tlha'ta' after ghaH;
1:37 | je chaH tu'ta' ghaH, je ja'ta' ghaH, “ Hoch ghaH leghtaH vaD SoH.”
1:38 | ghaH ja'ta' Daq chaH, “Let's jaH elsewhere Daq the next towns, vetlh jIH may preach pa' je, because jIH ghoSta' pa' vaD vam
1:38 meq.”
1:39 | ghaH mejta' Daq chaj synagogues throughout Hoch Galilee, preaching je casting pa' demons.
1:40 | A leper ghoSta' Daq ghaH, begging ghaH, kneeling bIng Daq ghaH, je ja'ta' Daq ghaH, “ chugh SoH want Daq, SoH laH chenmoH jIH Say'.”
1:41 | taH vIHta' tlhej compassion, ghaH stretched pa' Daj ghop, je touched ghaH, je ja'ta' Daq ghaH, “ jIH want Daq. taH chenmoHta' Say'.”
1:42 | ghorgh ghaH ghajta' ja'ta' vam, SIbI' the leprosy departed vo' ghaH, je ghaH ghaHta' chenmoHta' Say'.
1:43 | ghaH strictly ghuHmoHta' ghaH, je SIbI' ngeHta' ghaH pa',
1:44 | je ja'ta' Daq ghaH, “ legh SoH jatlh pagh Daq anybody, 'ach jaH cha' SoH'egh Daq the lalDan vumwI', je nob vaD lIj cleansing the Dochmey
1:44 nuq Moses ra'ta', vaD a testimony Daq chaH.”
1:45 | 'ach ghaH mejta' pa', je taghta' Daq proclaim 'oH 'ar, je Daq ngeH about the matter, vaj vetlh Jesus laH ghobe' latlh openly 'el Daq a
1:45 veng, 'ach ghaHta' outside Daq desert Daqmey: je chaH ghoSta' Daq ghaH vo' everywhere.


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May 31, 2015

That text is awful.

As you can see, half of the words have been left in English. And most of the rest isn't correct, either. The grammar was not translated, just words replaced one by one.

And some words were "translated" by suffixes, such as "of" by {vo'} -- but {-vo'} is a suffix meaning "from" and can't stand alone. (As a word, {vo'} is a verb meaning "to propel".)

Please, throw away this text.


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