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- Other language - Audio Request

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This is for my number one
This is for my number one
This is for my number one
True baby for I adore

[verse 1]
This is hard to say
I wanna make sure I go about this in the right way
Cuz lately I been busy a lot
And I know you dont feel appreciated and what not
I used to tell you that youre hair looked fly
Kiss you slow and stare in your eyes
Now I talk real foul and slick
Every other sentence is, you make me sick
Back in the days I was your number one pick
Now your hearts hair-broken and thats hard to fix
I had to dig deep inside myself
Cuz I cant see you bouncin with somebody else
Its a long journey back to the place we was
When I was too embarrased to admit I was in love
And you was my good girl that wouldnt give it up
I cant let us self-destruct

[hook: marc dorsey]
Baby smile today
Cuz I been on that journey always
Im gon love you better
When your friendsll see you too
Just when you think theres nothin else I can do
Im gon love you better

[verse 2]
When I think about the things we did
And I think about you having my kids
And I think about us sharing a crib
Losin all that, God forbid
You deserve flowers and candy, the simple things
In addition to the sls, bigets and rings
Instead I walk around like Im a king
And having you aint nothing but a thing
I even stopped tellin you the lovin was good
Too busy frontin in the hood
Baby girl, hold me tight dont ever let go
Ima do it real gentle baby, nice and slow
One more chance baby and dont say no
Cuz I got another side to show
Some say love is painful it helps you grow
Well its time for the pain to go, yaknow

Do you think I meant to hurt you? (no)
Do you think I meant to hurt you? (no)
So lets laugh together, cry together
God willin we gon die together

Its a brand new me, a brand new you
A brand new day, sky so blue
Hold my hand while I walk with you
Sit on my lap, lemme talk to you
No more games callin you foul names
Actin like females is all the same
Im gon love you better, my mentality changed
From this day forward Ill never be the same
Ima rub your lower back, share my dreams
I love you, lemme show you what I mean
Give you the deepest love a girl ever seen
Watch you sleep, so peaceful and serene
A toast to the queen, youre back in my life
But this time ima do it right
Trust me, from the bottom of my heart
Nothins gonna tear us apart, promise


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Sept. 29, 2010

I can do this in white-boy english if you want!


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